Subscribing to multiple devices

Subscribing to multiple devices

Our service lets you subscribe to stream on up to 5 devices.
You are not locked into any specific device. Here is an example.

You have 10 tv's in your home. All 10 tv's have our service on it. If your subscription is for 5 lines, that means you can be using any 5 of those TV's at any given time.

Another example. You Have a subscription for 2 lines. You have a tv in the living room, one in the kitchen, one in the garage, the app installed on your cell phone, a tablet, and your PC. As long as you are only watching on two of those devices at a time, you are fine. It doesn't matter which two.

You can have 100 devices, all with the same login. As long as you are not watching tv on more than you are subscribed to at any given moment, you are fine.

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